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Architects, Interior Designers, Master planners and Urban Designers

We are Architects, Interior Designers, Master planners and Urban Designers who share a vision for the Built environment Based in Chennai

Our Values



We are Architects, Interior Designers, Master planners and Urban Designers who share a vision for the Built environment. Based in Chennai, we have designed buildings across the country and can manage any project from concept design through detail design to the completion of works on site We have experience of administering all standard forms of building contract. These include Residences. Apartments, Interior. Hotels Institutions, Hospitality and Commercial buildings



MRN Associates involves a team of dedicated architects, planners, engineers and graphics artists with diverse technological expertise Our design philosophy is not to follow certain trends or individual design philosop thies, as individual clients have their own aspirations and design goals. Therefore while evolving concepts, we dedicate ourselves in understanding client’s vision for their projects



Hence our Concepts rely heavily on client’s vision, which helps us to build unique projects, meeting the highest standards and design Criteria. We reach this objective in every project through meticulous planning. driven by sustainable design process

Our Team

Architects, Planners,
Engineers & Graphic Artists

Involves a team of dedicated and diverse technological expertise

Manoj B. Arch., MS (UK)

Managing Partner

Holding a master’s degree in urban planning, he has worked extensively on numerous housing, commercial and retail projects both in India and overseas. His domain of expertise includes retail and interior design projects. He has worked on many large scale retail projects in Middle East and United Kingdom. He has a keen sense for visuals, proportions and creativity. His approach towards large scale projects is to defrag all the performance criteria’s and contextual requirements, to derive a comprehensive concept for that specific project. This approach towards design reduces the project duration and most often exceeds the expectation of clients

Rajesh M.arch., MS (UK)

Managing Partner

Bringing more than 16 years of experience in the field, rajesh has worked on projects of diverse nature, all over the world. His area of expertise includes Master planning, industrial, retail and hospitality projects. He has handled many large scale projects which involved various stages of design from concept to detail engineering, and coordinated integration of services during design and execution phase, driven by the diverse engineering disciplines of such projects. His unique approach to design is strictly based on project context, clients need, vision and aspirations of the project. Along with poised sustainability principles, this approach has paved its way for Successful delivery of projects catering to the built environment of the next decade.

Naveen Kumar B. Arch.

Managing Partner

Bringing in solid Middle East work experience, Naveen is involved in all as- pects of design oversight, working directly with all our clients and internal project teams as well as specialist consultants ensuring creative design: vision through all phases. He has actively participated in many interna- tional competitions and passionate about large scale housing projects. He has worked on many master planning and township projects which often involves a site sprawl of more than 250 hectares. His precise under- standing of project needs, context and performance criteria’s ensures that the project is delivered well ahead of schedule without compromis- ing on the design intent

Vijayakumar M.E. (Structural)

Managing Partner

Vijayakumar has more than 15 years of experience in structural design of Industrial, commercial and housing projects. His domain of expertise in- cludes Steel structures, Concrete structures for any building typology and Infrastructure projects. He has got excellent skill set to work with software’s required to perform simulation and analysis warranted by the project. His approach towards structural design involves understanding the needs, re- quirements of building typology, recommendation of appropriate tech- nology after careful analysis and to derive ideal poise between effi- ciency, cost and integrity of the system without depriving crucial space planning requirements of the project.

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